Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's 50% off LAUNCH WEEK!

Hey everyone!

We're holding a 50% off all services if you book with us during March 5-12! To clarify, all you have to do this week is put down your $50.00 deposit for EACH service you'd like, and you can book us for the week that works for you. Just mention LAUNCH WEEK in the contact form you can find on our contact page.


If you'd like to book a CookieLynn service:

Check our Availability Calendar for the service you want. Green is available, red is booked.

Developmental edit calendar
Line edit calendar
Formatting calendar

Fill out our contact form with this information

1. What kind of service you're looking for.
2. What days you'd like to book.
3. Your word count.
4. If you are on a deadline.

We will reply as soon as we can. Once we've worked out a time frame, please go ahead and...

Put down a deposit:

You may put down a deposit from either the Editing tab or the Formatting tab. If you are purchasing more than one service (ie: developmental and line edit) the booking fee is $100.00.

(The 50% discount does not effect the price of deposit, only the price of the overall service.)

This deposit is NON-refundable. You may however contact us to book another week if the original booked week no longer works with your schedule. If you do this, please give us 3 days' notice. 

We will send an invoice to you for the remaining balance.

Deliver the manuscript:

CookieLynn requires that you pay in full upon delivery of manuscript. We will not edit or format the work until all monies have been paid.

Wrapping it up:

We pride ourselves on not only quick service, but accurate service. Please allow us time with your manuscript to make it shine. If you are on a deadline, please let us know upon booking so we can accommodate.

If you have questions after we've delivered the manuscript back to you, please don't hesitate to ask us. We are enthusiastic about all our clients' work and love swapping ideas if you feel stuck.


For our editing services, we offer a "sneak peek" service that allows you to see what a developmental and/or line edit would look like after we've gotten our hands on it. Please use our contact form to ask us about this service.

We look forward to working with you!

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