Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who is this Formatter?

I can tell a lot about a writer just by formatting their manuscript. 

I can tell when the writer is a fast or anxious typer.

I can tell if the writer is a notorious double spacer.

I can tell when the writer had a stroke of inspiration and could not bother to stop typing just to put a silly page break in.

I can tell who presses "enter" to get to a new paragraph, and who presses "shift, enter." (Please for the love of all that is holy, don't use "shift, enter." ;) )

I can tell when the writer is a lover of "tab" for their indents.

I can tell who's been published through a small press before.

I can tell who's been published by a big publisher before.

I can tell who's in the midst of querying, or decided to pull the book from querying to self publish.

I can tell who's indie.

I can tell when the writer really cares about their work. (ie: everyone I format for.)

I know so much about you. It's only fair that you know a bit about me. 

A simple ebook and paperback format takes me as long as it takes to listen to the entire 1989 album by Taylor Swift.

I can (and will) get distracted by the words and end up reading pages before I remember I'm formatting. (Mostly the kissing scenes.) I'm a lover of books, and all my clients are amazingly talented.

I go through EVERY page at least three times. Once on the computer, once on my phone, and once on my ereader.

I know how important details are and how annoying it is to have that one chapter not match the other ones. So I make sure they are all cohesive.

In that same vein, I know how annoying it is to have different formats in the same series of books. So I will get them as close as I can (if the previous books were formatted by someone else) or exact to how I did the first.

If I miss something, I will fix it for you, no charge and with no complaints and as quickly as possible.

I love to format. It is my zen zone when I need something to focus on other than the stresses of a mother with three young children.

Oh! And most importantly, I do not think of a format as a free book in my kindle library. Once I've tested it on my ereader, I delete the file on my Amazon account. (I will keep extra copies on my hard drive in case you ever need backup ;) ) I purchase all my clients' work through retail sites. I love seeing the final product in my "Formatting Collection" tab on my Kindle app :)

Formatting is probably the most boring part of publishing. It's a lot of code and symbols and thank heavens there are people who like that kind of stuff. (Myself included ;) ) So a big thank you goes to the authors who trusted me with their work, and I look forward to meeting many new people in this amazing business!

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