Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What do you use?

Does anyone use an actual dictionary anymore? I mean a real book, the one that sits on your desk instead of an online version.

I rarely do. And I've got a big thick red Webster's New World Dictionary. I've also got several smaller dictionaries, but it's not very often I get the actual book out and look up a word.

Usually I'll use online dictionaries. My go-to dictionary that I use for editing is Dictionary.com. But sometimes I'll double check a second source and use Merriam-Webster. One time, when I was working with Ada Frost, who is a British writer, I was using the Cambridge Dictionaries Online since I was looking up some of her British words.

But most of the time I stick to Dictionary.com. It's just more user friendly, and I like it the best out of all of them. Plus, I like their thesaurus feature for when I'm writing.

So I'm curious if most people have moved away from a real, physical dictionary to online ones. And what is your dictionary of choice?

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