Tuesday, April 26, 2016

You got a minute?

Time. Time! There's never enough time! Between school and work and kids and cooking and laundry and basic hygiene... and... and... and... there's always something. And writing. Writing! Right? Let's hope that there's room for writing in that list of busy-ness.

Not so very long ago, I'd convinced myself that I'd have time to write after I'd finished x y and z. Just one more grocery trip, or one more load of laundry or one more returned phone call or... or... or... I'm sure you're not surprised to learn that my time of "finished" never came. I don't think it ever will. So I've had to learn to write in the midst of un-finished other stuff. It's tough because I'm a perfectionist, but I can stomach leaving things undone for short bursts, like say, 20 minutes or so.

That's why I love the Pomodoro Technique. Every day, I set a timer for 20 minutes and I write my guts out. I create vague visions of my next scene while I'm folding laundry or driving carpool or showering. Then I'm ready for my dedicated 20 minutes of composing. I'm even more productive if I'm able to write the first sentence of my next session as I'm closing out my current session. That way, I never really have start up again and I can keep my momentum going. Boom.

And you know what? 20 minutes adds up. And I will finish my next novel - even if it's 500 words at a time.

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