Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Post BookCon

Kelley mentioned last week about how she and I were going to BookCon in Chicago. The best part of it was getting to see my writer friends, but I wasn't super familiar with BookCon or what it was like, so I didn't really know what to expect.

Now I do. And I learned it's really more about the readers.

They have author panels, hundreds of booths by publishing houses (and a few authors), author signings and lots of free books and swag.

The author panels were fun. You get to learn a little about the personalities of the authors and about their experiences. You also get to see readers who are so SUPER EXCITED cause they get to ask a question to their favorite authors. You can also wait in hour long lines to get an autograph. (I didn't wait in too many long lines because that didn't interest me.)

But I was happy because I got The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De Le Cruz signed for my daughter, so she thought that was cool to see her name in the book. I bought two books, but they were 50% off the cover price, so that was awesome. But otherwise, the rest of the books were free. Some were signed, some weren't.

The worst thing about it was the food. I know they jack up prices at those things, but $10 for a hotdog and bottle of water is too much. :)

So would I do it again? Yes, if I was with friends, but... Only if it was close/convenient. Like Chicago. I wouldn't fly out to NYC, where it usually takes place, just to go to BookCon. It was fun, but not something I'd do every year.

But if you're a big reader, you should definitely check it out.

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