Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome to our newest editor... Candice!

For a little over a year, Candice Toone has been helping us on some behind the scene things such as our Facebook page, blog, and other administrative duties. She's also been working along with Kelley, learning the editing ropes. Now we're ready to welcome Candice on as one of our developmental editors, and she has an amazing deal if you book within the next week!

But first, a little about Candice...

Just like the rest of us at CookieLynn, she is also a writer. She's published two contemporary romance novellas and is working on multiple women's fiction manuscripts. On the editing side, she's been an active critiquer since 2009, helping several authors polish their manuscripts for publication. Though comma splices and em dash placement intrigue her, she especially enjoys the developmental side of editing. She is a detailed and thoughtful editor and helped me greatly with one of my own manuscripts. Her feedback helped shape my plot and strengthen my characters, and I know she’ll be able to help others as much as she did me.

To start out in her new position, Candice would like to welcome all new clients with a special deal. If you book a developmental edit with her by September 4th (you must pay the $50 booking deposit to reserve the date), you get 50% off. So check out the EDITING page to see her open dates because you don't want to miss this opportunity.

And again, welcome, Candice! So excited to have you as an editor at CookieLynn.

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