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Cassie Mae is the founder and lead editor/formatter of CookieLynn Publishing. She has done designer formats and edits for just over a year for traditional and self published authors alike. She has formatted her own novels, 15 titles to date, and knows exactly what it's like to be on a strict deadline! So she can format quickly and most importantly, accurately. She lives and works in front of a computer screen in Utah.

Kelley Lynn is the head of our developmental edits at CookieLynn Publishing and has been editing manuscripts since July 2011. She's worked within both the traditional and self publishing realms for other authors as well as herself. She's a stickler for understanding a character's motivation and ensuring the world he/she resides in is rich and well developed. Her edits will be honest, with thoughts for improvement as well as comments around all the things she loves about your work. While she's probably editing your manuscript on an airplane or in a hotel room, her permanent residence is in Wisconsin.

Suzi is the head copy and line editor at CookieLynn Publishing and has been editing manuscripts since 2012 for both traditional and self-published authors. She enjoys the editing process: hunting down missing commas, fixing tricky punctuation, and polishing a manuscript. She'll do her best to help make your manuscript shine.

Candice Toone joined the CookieLynn Publishing team in September 2015 as the social media/client relations specialist and expanded her role to include developmental editing in August 2016. She's been an active critiquer since 2009, helping multiple authors polish their manuscripts for both traditional and self-publication. She particularly enjoys combing through women's fiction and romance reads to squeeze out every ounce of emotional depth from the characters. She's fascinated by the idea that every character is her own hero and enjoys watching the characters struggle to see multiple perspectives on any given plot point. Her edits flow in a stream-of-consciousness fashion, so you'll get authentic compliments and suggestions as she reacts to your work.


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